1/2" White Jawbreakers with Color Flecks - 1 Lb. Bag

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Half inch Jawbreakers - White, splattered with bright colors.
Sweet and Jaw-dropping jaw-breakers!

Jawbreakers are fun and exciting candy for children and adults. These hard candies provide a great sweet flavor that is sure to please. They are also extremely appealing as they are white with different colors that are splattered all over them, giving them a look that is certainly unique. These jawbreakers are each one inch in diameter which means they are a great size without being too large.


This would be a great decoration for a party and would go great with any special occasion that you were having. These candies are certainly able to help you out when you have a sweet craving that you need to take care of as well. What is not to love at this all time favorite candy that has been enjoyed by people for many years. You are sure to find that nearly everyone will enjoy indulging in something that taste as good as this and is so fun to enjoy.

Jawbreaker Diameter: 1/2".
Sold by the 1 Lb. Bag.

There are approximately 290 pieces per pound.

Also available by the 28 Lb. Case >>   Buy Bulk & Pay Less!

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