1.6 oz VANILLA MOUNTAIN BAR - Case of 15 Bars

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A mountain of chocolate flavor with peanuts over a rich silky vanilla center. A real treat!

The Mountain Bar was first put on the market by Brown & Haley in about 1915 as the "Mount Tacoma Bar"Brown & Haley is famous for their Almond Roca candy. The Mountain Bar is made with the same quality and flavor!True vanilla filling is surrounded with high quality milk chocolate. Who could ask for more?

The MOUNTAIN Bar was first put on the market by Brown & Haley in 1915 as the "Mount Tacoma Bar". The bar began with a fondant vanilla center as would be found in hand-dipped chocolate of the period. Sitting before individual warm chocolate pots, the dippers would make a puddle of tempered chocolate mixed with freshly ground peanuts. After rolling the center a little bit more, they would take a scoop of the tempered mix, forcing the center into the scoopful of the mixture. Then, with the heel of the hand, the bottom would be smoothed off and deposited on a waxed card. After the bar was made, it was put in a blue, hand-folded box that had a picture of Mount Tacoma (now Mt. Rainier) on it. Today our state of the art machinery turns out 592 MOUNTAIN Bars per minute under the strictest sanitary conditions. 
By 1923 the name of the bar had changed to just plain "MOUNTAIN" due to the fact that its sales were beginning to spread into regions beyond Tacoma and the name "Mount Tacoma" conflicted with Seattle's name, Mount Rainier, which was beginning to gain ascendancy. 
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Each box contains 15 1.6 ounce bars.

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