12 Flavor Gummi Bears(7.5 Oz Bag) - 12 Ct. Case (Gluten Free)

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World's Best 12 Fruit Flavor Gummy Bears - Fat Free
Softer, bursting with fruit flavors: Ornery Orange Poppin' Pineapple Granny Smith Apple Rrripe Watermelon Lickin' Lemon Wild Cherry Bodacious Banana Luscious Lime Freshhh Strawberry Rockn' Raspberry Groovy Grapefruit Concord Grape.

High-brow bears with sophisticated fruity flavors, these delicious candy creatures are not your everyday gummy bear. Featuring an assortment of 12 gourmet flavors, you'll want to save these sweets for your favorite friends and family, and hide them from that crazy uncle who sometimes stops by to snack. Made with real fruit juice!

The Albanese 12 Flavor Bears were aboard the space shuttle in 2008 when the Japanese built Kibo laboratory module and the 12 flavors gummy bears were sent to the International Space Station.
Now, that's a one cool Gummy Bear!

Gluten Free ~ Fat Free ~ Low Sodium.
Made in USA by Albanese Confectionery.

Each Bag Net Wt.: 7.5 Oz(212g).
Case contains 12 Fruit Flavor Gummy Bears Bags.

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