3-D Fruity Large Gummy Bears - 5 Lb. Bag (Fat Free)

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Fini Large 3D Gummy Bears with Real Fruit Juice! 
These soft and colorful gummy bears with delicious fruity flavors will tickle your taste buds!
Bright colors of Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow


They're soft. They're chewy. And they're burstin' with beary yummy flavor. There's nothing quite as whimsically delicious as gummi bears, a candy popular the world over for its sprightly personality and fruity taste. Squeeze 'em, line 'em up and make 'em dance, or just plain eat 'em. MMmmm, bears.

Chew on these gummy bears and have fun!
Colorful, Fruity & Juicy! Perfect for gummy lovers!

Gummy Bear Dimension : 1.25" x 1" x 0.50".
There are approximately 350 pieces per 5 lbs bag.

Made in Spain by Golosinas Fini.

Fat Free ~ Real Fruit Juice.

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