Sweet Factory... The Idea
Mixing entertainment and excitement with high quality offerings and bright colorful stores, Sweet Factory has captured significant market share in bulk candy retailing, one of the fastest growing retail phenomena sweeping the country!  We are THE “Candy Authority,” executing a winning formula for retail success that sets the standard for bulk candy retailers. 

Terrific Locations 
High-traffic, high-visibility retail locations are the model for our stores.  Corner and street spaces up to 1,000 square feet ensure success.  Since candy sales are impulse-driven and largely dependent on presentation and location, close attention to location has proven effective for retail success! 

Product Freshness 
Candy is stocked in custom-designed bins, replenished daily for optimal freshness.  We not only promise freshness, we guarantee it!

Store and Promotion Design 
Colorful, attention-grabbing graphics displayed on customized back lit photo panels, end-caps, and standing POP signs create customer excitement for our constantly changing seasonal, licensed, and sales promotions.  We are uniquely positioned in the bulk candy retail industry to take advantage of fast-paced cutting-edge merchandising trends! 

Every Sweet Factory Associate is a “Candy Expert” fully prepared to offer product information, suggest gifts and explain our unique one-price concept.  Sweet Factory continues to attract top-flight management, and seasoned retail staff, for maximum customer satisfaction and guaranteed return business! 

Sweet Factory...  The Future! 
Candy is an American “way of life!”.  Each American will consume an estimated 25 pounds of candy every year, contributing to a $24 billion dollar industry growing at a projected 5% per year over the next 5 years.  Our candy store appeal to kids (and adults!) of all ages and over 95% of them will return within a calendar year.

Sweet Factory is the best-financed bulk candy specialty retailer in the country with strong annual growth rate in high traffic retail locations!  We will continue our leadership role in the “pick and mix” candy industry by focusing on quality, freshness, and up-to-the minute candy trends!  Our extremely effective one-price system and our introduction of branded chocolates have taken us to new heights of retail  marketing. 

Sweet Factory’s goal is to become the dominant specialty candy retailer and ‘brand’ by placing our stores in prime retail locations across the country.  We are exrtemely well positioned to carve out an even larger share of this unique $24 billion opportunity. 

Contact Us:
Corporate Office: Tel: 714-221-5700  ext.: 5726.

Toll Free: 877-817-9338 (USA, Canada, Puetro Rico and Virgin Islands)
Local: 714-221-5726
International: 714-293-4598