AirHeads Watermelon Taffy Bar - 36 Ct. Case

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Air Heads yummy taffy sticks
Juicy Watermelon flavor

Airheads are a tangy, taffy-like, chewy candy that come in individually wrapped strips. Have you ever noticed that everyone has their own peculiar way of eating them? From twisting the bars into really weird shapes to rolling them into a ball, everybody’s got their own way of doing it, which just adds to the fun!

Airheads bars and Airheads Xtremes Belts are Kosher products.

Fun Facts:
"It would take about 4,000 AirHeads Bars stacked end-to-end to reach the top of the Empire State building and 85,000 to reach the top of Mount Everest."

Each bar Net Wt. 0.55 oz/15.6 g.
Case contains 36 of AirHeads Watermelon Taffy Bars By Perfetti Van Melle USA.

Made in the USA.

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