All Sports Foiled Milk Chocolate Foiled Sports Balls - 5 Lb. Bag(360-piece)

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Assorted Sports Ball Foil Milk Chocolate Balls - All Natural 
Assorted mix of Soccer Balls, Tennis Balls, Baseballs, Basketballs, Gof Balls and Footballs.
These chocolate Sports Balls will look great in you candy dish!
From celebrating a championship to recognizing good sportsmanship, these all-natural chocolates will be a homerun at any game, match or race!


Hand-eye coordination has never been your forte. But balance and agility won’t seem so foreign when you experience these Foiled Milk Chocolate Sports Balls, guaranteed to make flavorful scores all over your mouth. It won’t matter that you can’t actually throw a ball. What will count is your innate ability to un-wrap them and soak up their smooth, chocolaty flavor. So now, thanks to this five-pound bag, complete with soccer balls, tennis balls, baseballs, footballs, basketballs and golf balls, you’re in the game as a multi-athlete just like Pat Riley and Michael Jordan. If you want the gold medal of favor, it’s for the taking when you share with friends and family!


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There are approximately 72 pieces per pound.
Sports Ball Diameter: 3/4".
360 pieces per 5 lb. bag approximately.

Bag contains 5 lb. of Foil-Wrapped Milk Chocolate Sports Ball Candy made by Thompson Chocolates.

Made in the USA.

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