Anis de Flavigny Menthe Pastilles Retro Tins - 8 Tins Case

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Mint Flavored French Anis de Flavigny, the finest candies, 100% natural
These these dainty little pastilles have aniseed surprise at the center - Unique candy

Anis-based and subtle flavored mints in beautiful keepsake oval retro tins

These candies are made with Anise. This plant, Pimpinella anisum, is not to be confused with fennel (a vegetable) or with star anise (Chinese anise, the fruit of an exotic tree).


The Anise they use is an umbelliferous plant and its small oval fruits, striated longitudinally, have a warm, spicy flavor and a remarkably aromatic scent. We select our aniseeds in August, after they are harvested in Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Syria, etc.


Then they place the seeds in large pans and pour sugar syrup (water and sugar) over them. The seeds roll over one another and gradually become covered in fine successive layers of syrup,kind of like snowballs tumbling down a snowy hill.

This rotation in pans also makes the candies become smooth, like stones that are rolled on the beach by the incessant waves of the sea. The process involves delicate, patient work; the candy-maker needs 15 days to transform the small seed that weighs barely two milligrams into a one-gram candy.We have used white sugar since sugar beet was discovered by Olivier de Serres in 1575. Before that, we used cane sugar (slightly grey-reddish-brown). 

Darius, back from an expedition in the Indies (510 B.C.) called sugar cane “the reed that produces honey without the help of bees!”.

Anis ® candies are made with unrefined cane sugar, in an Ecocert-certified organic collection. 

Each Tin Net Wt.: 1.75 Oz. There are about 50 mints per tin.
Each Tin Dimensions: 2.25" x 3.25" x 1".
Made in France.

 Case contains 8 Anis de Flavigny Pastilles Tins.

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