Apple Sour Punch Candy Straws 2 Oz Packs - 24 CT. Case

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Sour Punch®  Apple Candy Straws
Neatly packaged in 2 Oz packs
Mouth-watering sweet-yet-sour chewy candy with that extra "PUNCH"!

"Sour Punch® candy is the brand of mouth-watering sweet-yet-sour chewy candies that excites candy fans of all ages. One of the first brands to enter the sour candy market in the 1990′s, Sour Punch® candy continues to tease taste buds with its fun colors and fruity flavors; all packing that extra “punch” of sweet and sour. Sour Punch® candies satisfies that sour craving through its many forms: Straws, Bites®, Bits and Twists! Sour Punch® Straws are the sweet-and-sour candy slurp that comes in delicious flavors; from the ever popular Strawberry and Blue Raspberry, to awesome Apple, Cherry, and Watermelon."


Sour Punch Candy lives up to its name with a sour fruity taste that will get your head spinning with delight. This sour candy packs a real punch with a sour twist! A fun assortment of colors and flavors makes this a great treat for those with a short attention span. Wait, what was I talking about again?


Kosher Certified.

Case contains 24 American Licorice Company Sour Punch Candy Straws Packs.

Made in the USA.

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