Assorted 6 Flavors 3-D Fish Long Stem Fancy Lollipops - 100-piece Bag

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3-D Fish Shaped Long Stick Lollipops - Gourmet hand-made Pops on foot-long stems
Delicious Fruit lollipops in beautiful translucent colors
6 Colors & 6 Flavors: Blue-Blueberry, Red-Strawberry, Pink-Cherry, Yellow-Lemon, Green-Apple, Purple-Grape, Orange-Orange

These adorable fish pops will look good and taste delicious!

Its long, flexible sticks are perfect for cute lollipop bouquets. Great as party favors or use them as decor! Incorporate lollipop into your own craft creations, to add a little ‘twinkle’ to your gift or just to enjoy

Lollipop size: 1.75" x 1.75" approximately.
Lollipop total height: 12".
Individually Wrapped.

Bag contains 100 of Fancy Pops Long Stick Lollipops.

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Additional Info