Bali's Best Classic Iced Tea Candy 100% Natural(5.3 Oz Bag) - 12 Ct. Case

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Bali's Best Classic Iced Tea Candy - Cool & Refreshing!
Just like sipping a glass of freshly brewed iced tea! These delicious hard candies provide instant refreshment!

100% natural
No Trans Fat.
Infused with real tea extract, a natural source of anti-oxidants.

"An ancient beverage savored for its rich, complex flavors, tea has been enjoyed for centrueis in exotic lands. The natural tea extract taht is used in these candies originates form whole green tea that is grown exclusively in the islands of Java.  Mindfully hand-plucked, our tea derives its fresh & lively flavor and light floral scent from the sultry Javened climate & rich soils. The result is an exquisite candy that is perfectly balanced with the essence of the whole leaf tea."

Each Bag Net Wt.: 5.3 Oz.
Case contains 12 Bags of Individally Wrapped Bali's Best Classic Iced Tea Candy.

Made in Indonesia by Fusion Gourmet.

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