Bit-O-Honey Taffy Candy Bars(1.7 oz) - 24 Ct. Case

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Bit-O-Honey Candy Bars (Low Fat)
A chewy candy with almond bits blended into a honey flavored taffy
Comes precut into six breakaway pieces; makes easy to eat or to share with a friend

"Real Honey: Since 1924, Bit-O-Honey has been made from taffy flavored with real honey. It's the same great taste that you've grown to love-unless you've never tried it before!
Almond Bits : Famous Hollywood-types take a spoonful of crushed diamonds once a day for vitality. For the rest of us, it's almond bits! And delicious almond bits can be found in every bite of Bit-O-Honey.
Long-Lasting Chewy Time : This splendid confection was simply made for chewing, And chewing. And... chewing. And that's good exercise for your chompers - it keeps them sporty."

Each Candy Bar Net Wt.: 1.7 oz.
Case contains 24 Nostalgic Bit-O-Honey Taffy Bars.

Made in the USA by Pearson's Candy.

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