Blue Raspberry Salt Water Taffy - 3 LB. Bag

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Gourmet Blue Raspberry Salt Water Taffy
Juicy, Chewy and Mouth-Watering!

We might say that this particular candy category is making 'waves.' That's because our bulk salt water taffy has been a beachside staple for generations and now is available in bulk on! If you love trips to the shore as well as this famous, chewy, and savory salt water taffy treat, then you'll love shopping this category. With flavors ranging from green apple, to mint, to lemon, tropical fruit, and so many more, you can bring home a ton of salt water taffy in a rainbow of colors and flavors. Since they're all individually wrapped and in affordable bulk sizes, we suspect that you'll have a lot of chewing to do!

There are approximately 65 pieces per pound.
Bag contains 3 lbs of Sweets Blue Raspberry Salt Water Taffy

Made in the USA by Sweet's.

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