Candy Necklace Pastel Color Wrapped - 5 Lb. Bag (Gluten Free)

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Pastel Color Candy Necklace - Individually Wrapped
Sweet tart candy disks strung onto a stretchy necklace.
Delicious candy that you can wear? You can’t say no to that! Wear it, Eat it, or do both!

Candy Necklaces are fun for kids or just the kid in you! These yummy accessories come in fruity flavors that are sure to satisfy your craving for sweet.
Candy Necklaces will delight as party favors, Halloween treats, or stocking stuffers.

Bag contains 100 individually wrapped candy necklaces.
Necklace Length: 6 1/2" approximately.

Gluten Free.

Made by Ce De Candy.

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