Giant Gummy Snakes (27" Long) - 5 LB. Bag (Gluten Free)

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Giant Gummy Snakes - Over 27" long of fruit flavored candy!
These gummi snakes are giant!
These candy reptiles are adorable and fun to eat!

Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, and Sour Lemon

Over 2 feet long! With sweet, sugary scales, these multicolored, slippery candy snakes are soft and succulent as they slither down your throat. This BIG gummi snake is is packed with BIG fruity flavors including: Blue Raspberry, Lemon & Cherry!

Candy Snake measures approximately 27" x 1/2"
There are about 22 Giant Snakes per 5 lbs bag.

Gluten Free
Made in USA by Albanese Confectionery.

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