Haribo Mega-Roulette Gummy Disk Candy Rolls - 24 Ct. Case

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Haribo Mega-Roulette Gummy Disks Candy Rolls - Mega Roll! 
Delicious gummi disks neatly packed in rolls 
Bright & translucent colors and fruit flavors make it fun to eat: Raspberry-Red, Orange-Orange, Lemon-Yellow, Pineapple-Clear, and Strawberry-Green

Yummy gummy disks of assorted fruit flavors packed in handy rolls!

Each Mega Roll Net Wt.: 1.59 oz(45g).
Each Gummy Disk Diameter: 0.75 inches.
There are 18 pieces per mega roll.
Each Roulette Mega Roll Measures 5 inches long.

Case contains 24 Roulette Mega Gummy Rolls by Haribo.

Made in Germany.

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