Licorice Throat Soothing Candy Chips - 3 Lb. 6.5 oz Bag

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Miniature Throat Soothing & Refreshing Pastilles.
These flavorful, mini pastilles provide a relief for dry, scratchy and sore throats.
Made with pure licorice extract with a touch of menthol.
Favored by Singers, Smokers, & Profissional Speakers for Over Half a Century.

In Italy, traditional licorice “pastiglie” have long been a favorite of young and old alike. For over six decades, Licorice CHIPS, an outstanding example of these chewy, old-fashioned pastilles, have been imported to the US where they enjoy an equally enthusiastic and loyal following. Pure licorice extract is enhanced with a touch of menthol to produce naturally throat soothing CHIPS pastilles that are sure to delight the most discerning licorice aficionado."

Bag contains approximately 4 lb. (
1,600 pieces) of Chipurnoi Licorice Chips Candy.

Made in Italy.

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