Lindt Chocolate Lindor Truffles(Stracciatella) - 60-Piece Box

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Lindt White Chocolate LINDOR Stracciatella Truffles - Distinctly smooth and rich, gourmet chocolate taste
A sophisticated take on cookies and cream for chocolate connoisseurs. Bits of cocoa add a hint of crunchiness to the creaminess of the white chocolate.
LINDOR Tip: Enjoy these delicious truffles and consider yourself a taste traveler. Stracciatella is new to many Americans, but has been a favorite in Europe for many years.
Inspired by a secret recipe, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers created a masterpiece with the beloved Milk Chocolate LINDOR truffle

Smooth, Melting, Luscious; when you break its shell, LINDOR starts to melt and so will you.

Case contains 60 pieces of LINDOR Truffles by Lindt & Sprungli USA Inc.

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