Luscious Milk Chocolate Turtles Pecan Caramel Patty - 5 Lb. Case

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Luscious Milk Chocolate Pecan Caramel Patty - chocolate turtles
Fresh pecan nuts enrobed with tasty caramel and then all smothered in rich chocolate.

"Everyone has their own opinion about what makes for a favorite dessert. Some say pie, some say ice cream, but everyone agrees that the crunch of pecans drizzled with caramel and chocolate is too much to turn down.

Asher's chocolate covered pecan caramel patties surge with great flavor and a fantastic texture, both of which hang on your tongue and demand one more taste. If you can eat just one in a single setting, you've got great self control -- why not reward yourself and your sterling discipline with another pecan patty?

A classic candy that bursts with flavors and textures: rich chopped pecans, gooey caramel and milk chocolate."

Sold by the 5 lb. Case.

Made in the USA by Ashers Chocolate.
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