Napoleon Assorted Fruits Bon Bon Hard Candy(Filled with Candy Powder) - 7 Lb. Bag

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Extra Sour Napoleon Assorted Fruits Hard Bon Bon Candy
Lemon, Cherry, Tangerine, and Pineapple Fruit Flavored Hard Candy with Tart Powder Center
Napoleon® sweets have been aroung for 100 years and are still a true favorite!

Tangy, sour candy with extra sour filling.

There are approximately 65 pieces per pound.
Bag contains 7 lb. of Extra Sour Napoleon Assorted Fruits Hard Bon Bon Candy.

Made in Belgium.

Trivia: Napoleon® since 1912
"People often think that Napoleon® sweets are named after the historical figure Napoleon Bonaparte. But nothing could be further from the truth(Although Napoleon himself was indeed around at the birth of the sugar beet industry in Europe) Truth to be told this enduring sour-centre sweet was invented by a man named Louis Jassens. He name it Napoleon during a boasting contest with a fellow candy maker. To this day, his recipe combination of sweet and sour remains a closely guarded secret!"

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