Pixy Stix Easter Grass Candy Powder Filled Fun Straw Pack (6" Long) - 35-Piece Bag

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Springtime Pixy Stix Easter Grass Candy Filled Straws - Orange and Other Natural Flavors
Candy powder filled fun 6" long straws - Green Straws 
Thoughtful Portion: 4 Straws - 35 CAL

'Feed Your Imagination at Wonka' - For a mouth-watering flavor sensation, Pixy Stix is a classic favorite

"Invented in the 1930s, the sweet treat named "Frutola" began as a deliciously tangy powdered drink mix. However, candy connoisseur J. Fish Smith quickly realized that more often than not, kids were merely eating the tasty mix straight from the package rather than combining it with water. He decided to capitalize on this trend by adding a spoon to each pouch. But by the 1950s, parents were growing annoyed with the messes caused by continuous spilling. So after careful deliberation, a new product was born: the clean and simple Pixy Sticks powder straws!"

Each Pixy Stix Candy Pack Net Wt.: 3.2 oz (90.7g).
Each straw measures 6" long.
Each pack contains approximately 35 straws.

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