Sonrics Rockaleta Lollipop Chili Layered with Gum Center - 30 Ct. Case

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Rockaleta Lollipops - Features alternate layers of chili and mango flavored gum center
4 layers of chili! Kids' Favorite!
Delicious Spicy Mexican Candy

Paleta con centro de goma de mascar.  4 capas de chile

"Rockaleta lollipop has 4 different colorful chili layers that keep you wondering what the next color is going to be. Every layer taste different, so it's not one ordinary flavor lollipop. This is a spicy candy that turns sweet as you keeping sucking on it. Sonrics Rockaleta lollipops is one of the spiciest lollipops you have ever tasted.

Case contains 30 Sonrics Rockaleta Lollipops."
Each Pop Net Wt.: 0.84 Oz(24g).

Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, gum arabic, iodized salt, gum base, citric acid, chili powder, flavorings, colorants (Tartrazine, Allura Red AC, and Brilliant Blue FCF).

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