Unwrapped White Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks(5.75") - 72 Ct. Case

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Unwrapped Pure White Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks.
Pure sugar crystals on a wood stick - Beverage Sweetener

These Swizzle Rock Candy Sticks are the sophisticated way to sweeten coffee and tea, Irish coffee, cappuccino, and espresso.

Made from pure cane sugar, rock candy swizzle sticks are the crowning touch of any meal and will add elegance to the ordinary!

Rock Candy Swizzle Stick Length: 5.75" long
Each Candy Stick Net Wt.: 0.32 oz(10g). 

Case contains 72 Unwrapped Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks.

*Due to natural coloring processes, coloring may vary.

Made in the USA by Dryden & Palmer.

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